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This has been a hectic week and I’ve had a lot going on and have been busy with lots of stuff so I wanted to do a bit of an overview just so I can get it all down on digital paper.

Instead of keeping our blog on umwblogs our group decided to do a separate install on umwhistory. BUT after talking to the WP Master Jim Groom, who just made his return this week, we decided it would be just as easy to keep it on umwblogs and the burden of updates wouldn’t be on Dr.McClurken in the future to maintain the install of WP. So Jim and I (but mostly Jim) have been hacking away at the site on umwhistory, so I will probably be showing that one at our groups the presentation tomorrow. But moving the theme files will be easily done with the help of Jim’s backend assistance.

Jim and I also discovered there is a WP plugin that works with Simile timelines and so Jim is going to be kind enough to install the plugin and see if works. It would be much easier than creating our own navigation bar.

I’m working on another post detailing exactly what Jim has done for the site to take it from blog appearance to site appearance and all the possibilities that we have for categories and tags. Having the amount of markers we do it is helpful to have several ways to filter and search through them and the tag and category feeds will help us do just that. The possibilities are exciting.

Also Jim (did I mention how awesome he is?) recommended that we should grab the pictures from the VA site. I’m assuming since they are government property they are under public domain? Someone correct me if I am wrong. Jim also showed me a really easy way to get the google maps to work on the site so for each page we could possibly have a map for it. In addition another possibility is having a large google map that would cover all our markers and it wouldn’t be too hard at all.

There is still work to be done and I will eventually blog about the finer details and also how awesome the K2 theme for WP is, but that is for another time.

Now for a bit of randomness. After a conversation online last night I did a little photoshop this morning and created a Che Guevara-esque photo of Dr.McClurken.
So for your viewing pleasure:
jmguevara01.jpg jmguevara02.jpg

My question for you fellow Digital History students, what kind of caption do you see with this picture? Do you have a color preference? Oh and should there be t-shirts? Maybe a sort of I survived McClurken’s Digital History Seminar deal haha.

3 Responses to “Tech and Junk”

  1. ribinson says:

    I think it looks like an album cover. Kind of Jim Morrison/Doors like!!! It goes with the whole History’s greatest hits:)

  2. kwuyscik says:

    I already told you this in class today, but you’re brilliant. And thank you for all the WordPress help, whether it was intentional or not. We’ve been struggling with what to do with our timeline so reading (and hearing) about the plugin gives us (and by us, I mean me) some hope.

  3. ameye5hp says:

    So when are we ordering said t-shirts? I think the class the other day was pretty enthusiastic.

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