So I’m A Bad Blogger

Haven’t been to good at keeping on top of blogging over here. But my group mates have been doing a good job of talking about how the Historical Markers project is going.

We are being pretty ambitious with getting the main research done right away, which I think will help motivate us to get stuff done early.

I’ve been working a bit on the Simile timeline changing the code around to get things to come through right or even get the timeline to show up at all. Once you start tinkering around you begin to see how these things work and who doesn’t love the magic of when things start to work? If anyone else needs help I’ll be glad to help with my little bit of knowledge. Or if someone has done something really cool with their timeline, please do share the wealth!

Now on to WordPress. We have created a site on umwblogs, the URL is There isn’t anything there right now, but I’ve been playing around with the setup and looking at themes.
I’ve got a WordPress tip for you guys (just in case you are using it). Say you don’t want the blog posts to be first thing that pops up when you put in the URL, but rather an about page. As it turns out you can change it so it is a static front page. In the backend of the blog:

– Go to the Options tab > then the Reading subtab
– You will see the option to change front page display from posts to a static page.
– Just click on the page you want to make the front page and save the changes.

That simple! Hope that is helpful to anyone tinkering around with WP for their project.

3 Responses to “So I’m A Bad Blogger”

  1. ameye5hp says:

    Shannon, it was lovely seeing you this afternoon, the smiles helped as always!
    I’m curious about what you’ve been able to do in simile, it seems like there’s lots more to work with than I even realize.
    Thank you for the tip with the About Us page, I’m not sure if that will be something I need to know for the project or not, but it’s always good to have tidbits like that!

  2. kwuyscik says:

    I agree with Andrea, it was nice seeing you today while we were meeting with Jerry. And thanks for the tip about spacing in WordPress today. It’ll come in handy for some of my postings I’m sure. You and you tech-savvy information .. always so useful 🙂

  3. Elle says:

    You are a genius and I can’t tell you enough that I am so glad you are in my group!

    And about those 7 Markers…. haha thank goodness we have one more day. I bit off more than I could chew with library books and got a little overwhelmed lets just say.

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