Tools, Tools, So Many Tools

There were a lot of interesting tools on the ehub site, but I had trouble finding something I thought might be useful for our project.

Amy pointed out an interesting site that could be useful for our project at That would let us create a virtual tour.

In class we talked about SIMILE, I definitely am very interested in using this for the timeline. It has a nice clean and clear look.

I did find an interesting site called that gives you access to a lot of primary source documents. A fair amount of them are available for free and the rest are behind a gate. But it might be something to look at.

I think for our project we already have an idea of what direction we are headed in because we are working off of what the state has already created. I’m just throwing out ideas, but I think for our project I don’t want too many separate pieces going on. A lot of the sites on the ehub page would be another piece out there floating around. I’m certainly not against something that could be beneficial to making our site better. Perhaps I better do a search around the Internet to see what I can find outside the ehub site.

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