RSS Feed Problems

Hey, anyone else having problems with some RSS feeds in the class?

I am currently having trouble with the comments feed on Colin and Kelly’s blogs and I can’t subscribe to any of Lisa’s feeds. Maybe it is just broken for the moment, but I wanted to know if anyone else was having the same problem.


4 Responses to “RSS Feed Problems”

  1. kwuyscik says:

    Lisa has her blog set at a different privacy rating so it won’t subscribe you. As for my comments feed on my blog, I don’t know why it won’t work for you. I added mine earlier and it worked. Maybe it’s just broken?

  2. ameye5hp says:

    I also had the same problem with Lisa’s, and there was someone else’s, it might have been Kellye’s, it was fairly far down the list, but it was the same message as Lisa’s.

    On a different note, I wanted to tell you how much I appreciated all the helpful things you’ve been doing–like being the RSS setup fairy! Thank you!

  3. ameye5hp says:

    Kel, she meant the other Kellye. The one who spells her name differently than you. :*)

  4. Colin says:

    Hmm, I don’t know why you’re having trouble. I think I had just updated my blog when you started having trouble. I deleted that first auto post that WP gives you, maybe that had something to do with it. Are you using Google Reader?

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