Grapes of Wrath Bibliography – SHauser

September 8th, 2010

* Cooper, Michael L. Dust to Eat: Drought and Depression in the 1930’s. New York: Clarion Books, 2004.
Discussion of Depression Era mid-west. Useful in context for first part of film.

* Daniel, Cletus E. Bitter Harvest: A History of California Farmworkers, 1870-1941. London: Cornell University Press, 1981.
Contains discussion of working conditions of Depression era California farmworks. Useful for context of later half of the film when characters travel to California.

* Nugent, Frank S. “Hollywood’s Favorite Rebel.” Saturday Evening Post 222, no. 4 (July 23, 1949): 25-98.
Discussion of John Ford and his directing style. Discusses directorial decisions he made while creating Grapes of Wrath.

* Sanderson, Jim. “American Romanticism in John Ford’s The Grapes of Wrath: Horizontalness, Darkness, Christ, and F.D.R.” Literature Film Quarterly 17, no. 4 (December 1989): 231.
Critical cinematic examination of John Ford’s The Grapes of Wrath .

* Smith, John R. “Making the Cut: Documentary Work in John Ford’s The Grapes of Wrath.” Literature Film Quarterly 35, no. 4 (2007): 323-329.
Another critical examination of Ford’s directorial choices in The Grapes of Wrath

* Stein, Walter J. California and the Dust Bowl Migration. Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1973.
Describes movement of people from Dust Bowl to California during the Depression.

US History in Film

August 23rd, 2010

This all seems so familiar…

Rotating Header in WordPress

February 17th, 2010

The following is one way to get your blog to rotate images within the header of your blog.

First you’ll need to go to your CPanel to set-up a directory in your File Manager to place the rotate.php and all the images that you want to rotate in the header. On the Digital Storytelling the directory structure is set-up like this:

The next step is to download the rotate.php zip file that you will place in the folder you have created, in this case it will be the ‘rotate_ds’ folder. Once you have saved the file you can place the zipped folder in the ‘rotate_ds’ and extract the contents to the folder (which should be the ‘rotate.php’ file). So the hierarchy should look something like this:

Now that you have the php file in place you can put in the images that you want to rotate in the header in the same folder. Make sure when you create the images that you format the images to the proper height and width otherwise your images might not come out the way you want.

With all that in place you can now put in the little bit of code that will tell your header where to grab the images from and that you want to rotate them. One way of doing this is through the main CSS stylesheet of your theme but, if you are having problems with the CSS you can stick code into the header.php that will override any other code in place.

Go to the back-end of your blog and click on Appearance and navigate down to the Editor option. This will allow you to edit your themes. On the right hand side there should be a list of templates one of which is “Header (header.php)” click on that to open it up in the editor.

Scroll through the code until you come across:

<div id="header"

You can insert the following code in right after div id=”header”:

style="background: #000 url('')"

That is the bare minimum to get the rotate.php to work. If you want the images to appear nicely in the header it is a good idea to add some CSS in. So take a look at the code in its entirety for the Digital Storytelling header.php:

div id="header" style="background: #000000 url( center center no-repeat; height: 160px; padding-top: 10px;"

Here is an explanatory image of what the CSS is doing:

DS Rotating Header CSS

Stand With Haiti – Partners In Health

January 15th, 2010

There are many organizations that have been taking donations to help with disaster relief in Haiti right now. If you are looking for some place to donate to I recommend donating to Partners in Health who provide health care options to the poor. Even before the disaster happened Partners in Health was helping the poor in Haiti obtain health care and you can be sure that they will be there after many organization have left.

Here is a direct link to the donation page

There are lots of great organizations out there so please, even if you don’t donate to PiH do donate somewhere.

For Fox Sake

October 30th, 2009

A must watch video clip from October 29th, 2009 The Daily Show:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
For Fox Sake!
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political Humor Health Care Crisis

Thank you Jon Stewart!

Getting Around Twitter Ajax

October 14th, 2009

This is a bit of a hack so you don’t have continuously press the “more” button when trying to get back to old tweets in Twitter. This is helpful if you can’t find what you need through the Twitter search engines and you have an idea when you tweeted something.

**Important Note: If you want to be able to search back on YOUR tweets you need to be looking at YOUR profile with all your tweets. If you want to search everybodies you need to be on the home page. If you want to search someone else’s tweets you need to be on their page. Got it? Good.**

If you hover your mouse over the more button you should see this in the lower left hand corner of your brower:

cc licensed flickr photo shared by shauser

We want to get to that URL but you will notice that as soon as you move your mouse off the ‘more’ button you no longer can see that URL. So what we need to do is right click on the ‘more’ button and select ‘Properties’ which should give you something like this:

cc licensed flickr photo shared by shauser

You will need to copy the address given to you in the element properties. Make sure you highlight the whole thing because you will need whole URL address.

Next paste the URL into the address bar and you will see a spot in the url that says “page=x” x being a certain page.

cc licensed flickr photo shared by shauser

You can change that number that follows the “page=” to whatever you want, making it much easier to search further back in your tweets to find something you said many months ago. Of course there is some guessing work involved here but it is much easier then clicking “more” over and over again.

Hope this helps you in your search for past tweets!

Autumn Travels

October 1st, 2009

It could be the cold air that keeps my brain awake, alert and urges it to hold on to every incoming stimuli
    Pushes me further to remember the past.
Perhaps it is the inhalation of smoke, the smell of fire burning
    that ignites the primitive regions of my brain to come alive and viscerally respond.
Leaves and crisp air. Nostalgia and tears.
    All wrapped up together in a season, a few months of the year.


September 23rd, 2009

Art at its finest.

I Don’t Want A Pickle

June 12th, 2009

I just want to ride my motorsickle! Gotta love Arlo Guthrie.

Happy Rider

WTF is this?

June 8th, 2009

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